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Sim Lim Square is Singapore first IT mall

sim lim square

Sim Lim Square is a popular electronics mall in Singapore, located in Rochor Canal Road. The mall was officially opened in 1987 and was named after its developer, Sim Lim Holdings.

Before Sim Lim Square was built, the area was mainly a carpark with some small shops and stores. However, in the early 1980s, the Singapore government decided to redevelop the area and transform it into a commercial hub for electronic goods.

Sim Lim Square was the first building in Singapore to be designed and built specifically for the sale of electronic and electrical products. The mall's design features open atriums and interconnected shops, providing an excellent shopping experience for consumers.

Over the years, Sim Lim Square has become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike who are looking for a wide range of electronic goods, including computers, mobile phones, cameras, and other gadgets. The mall is also known for its competitive pricing and has earned a reputation as a hub for electronics bargains.

In recent years, the mall has undergone some renovations and upgrades, including the installation of air-conditioning and a more modern facade. Despite these changes, Sim Lim Square continues to be a popular shopping destination for electronics enthusiasts in Singapore.

When our founder was just 18 years old, he received the gift of a brand new computer from his dad. He was thrilled, eager to explore the world of technology and all the possibilities that came with it. However, just three short months after getting the computer, it suddenly stopped working. Frantic, the founder and his dad tried to contact the manufacturer, Apex, for a warranty claim, only to find out that they had closed down and were unable to provide any support.

Determined not to give up on the computer and waste the money they had spent on it, the founder decided to take matters into his own hands and headed to Sim Lim Square, the well-known electronics and IT hub of Singapore. It was his first time there, and he was both excited and nervous about what he would find.

As he wandered the maze of shops, he met a big brother named Mr. Bahari, who took the young founder under his wing and taught him how to repair computers. The founder was amazed at the knowledge and expertise of the people at Sim Lim Square, and he fell in love with the bustling energy of the place. He spent hours every day learning, tinkering, and fixing computers, developing a passion for technology that would guide him for the rest of his life.

Thanks to fate, thanks to founder’s dad, thanks to faulty computer, thanks to big brother. here we are, it is a must to have our outlets in Sim Lim Square.