Neutrino Portable Projector
Portable Smart Mini Projector with Touchpad, Battery, Speaker , Bluetooth Audio & YouTube Netflix - Aerglo Neutrino Smart HD1080P
AERGLO Neutrino Smart Projector on tripod
AERGLO Neutrino Smart Projector - front and side views
AERGLO Neutrino Smart Projector - HDMI port and vent
AERGLO Neutrino Smart Projector - control buttons
AERGLO Neutrino Smart Projector - DC and USB inputs, 3.5 jack output

Portable Smart Mini Projector with Touchpad, Battery, Speaker , Bluetooth Audio & YouTube Netflix - Aerglo Neutrino Smart HD1080P

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Product description
Aerglo Neutrino Smart Mini Projector - Operate outdoor with city and sea view background

Hi! My name is Neutrino!

Welcome to my introduction video. I play Netflix & YouTube very well and support 99% of the Apps in Play Store too. All just by myself! Lately, I have been upgraded with mouse touchpad and now I am much brighter than before.

Not too tall, just 5.5cm

My best buddy is Regular Size, I am just a little shorter than half. 

Aerglo Neutrino Smart Mini Projector - at a drink cafe round table with smoothie drink

 A Smart TV Replacement?

I do feel I am more value worth than tv. I am so portable and can accompany you to anywhere you go. And can be your personal trainer too!

 Smart Phone Mirroring

I love sharing videos, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube video wirelessly. If for Netflix and Disney +, I can play by myself, no phone or pc required.
*For cable fans, original adaptor from Phone Brand is required.

Aerglo Neutrino Smart Mini Projector - Phone Mirroring

Built-in Hi-Fi Speaker & Bluetooth Audio

With crisp clear built-in hi-fi speaker, endless drama night till morning without angry neighbors. I also have built-in Bluetooth audio that link to any Bluetooth speakers or soundbar.

 Aerglo Neutrino Smart Mini Projector - outdoor city background with portable Bluetooth mini speaker

Tip 1: Phone Mirroring

This is how easily your phone can connect to me. I know this is convenient but do note all mirroring may have > a 0.3-sec lag. It is the limitation of technology so best use my built-in Android AOSP system. Just Fire up! And I am ready for you!

Tip 2: Image Skew Correction

This is very useful if you like to place me on the side of the sofa or on the side table of the bed. No messy installation is required. No-brainer adjustment by remote control.

Projector Specification

Display Type: DLP
Throw Rate: 1.1
Room Brightness and Optimal Projection Size: Dark Room - 100"
Dim Room - 75"
Lighted Room - 40"
Light Source: RGB 3 LED OSRAM
LED Light Hours: >30,000 hrs
Video Resolution: HD1080P
Luminance Uniformity: >88%
Projection Mode: Front, Rear, Ceiling, Side
TV System
System: Android AOSP
YouTube: Yes
Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+: Supported
Image Skew Correction: 4 Corners
Screen Mirroring: Android, IOS, Windows
App Store: Aptoide
EMMC: 16GB (Expandable)
Audio & Inputs
Speaker: Hi-Fi 1.5W
Bluetooth Output: Yes (Connect with BT speaker)
HDMI: 1 Micro (Standard converter provided)
Audio out: Line out (3.5mm)
USB: 1 (Play MP4 & Data)
DC: Yes (Extend Power by PowerBank)
Wi-Fi & Others
Internet: Wireless
Dual Band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz
Bluetooth: BT 5.0
Built-in Battery: 1~2hrs (Extendable)
Standby Power Consumption: <0.5W
Power Consumption: <10W
Noise: <32dB
Working Temperature: 0 to 40℃
Storage Temperature: -20 to 65 ℃
Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Alan Reid
Nice product and good price

Very pleased with this so far. Worked straight out of the box. Aerglo support is efficient. They taught me how to adjust the keystone with the remote.
It's a good quality product and fantastic price for what you're getting.

Callum Norris
Good projector

The screen size you can get from a short distance is amazing. The tripod is useful when one wants to watch a movie on the ceiling. Shame about the battery though.
Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase.

Pete Will
This projector is brilliant.

The most useful settings for me is the four-corner keystone adjustment. In case the picture was distorted from the angle of the projector, you can change it to be a perfect rectangle.
I bought the smart version, which has Bluetooth function. I can connect my speakers to it, producing a decent sound. The fan is quite silent, but not totally. Once you're watching something, and the audio is playing you won't notice it.

Travis Palmer
Amazing product!!!

I am in love with this product.
The keystone correction is life saving. 4 corners, horizontal, vertical, and at the same distance you can if you need shrink the image based on your environment needs.
The tripod makes it easier to watch movies on the ceiling.
The customer support is amazing as well.

Not bad

The projector is quite clear, sound quality also not bad. the downside is that if bring it out, need to bring a portable to charge :) but overall for a home cinema is quite good!