AERGLO Muzro Smart
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AERGLO Muzro Smart - Top View - Touch Controls
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AERGLO Muzro Smart - What's in the box?

AERGLO Muzro Smart Short Throw Projector

$681.00 USD $985.00
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Product description

20 Revolutionary Features

  • Support 1080p (Native 480p)
  • Advanced Touch Pad
  • Smart remote by phone controller
  • Hi-Fi Speakers with gentle bass
  • Premium Alloy Materials (Non Plastic)
  • True to Life Color guarantee
  • Image offset 100%
  • Smart Android OS
  • Built-in YouTube and Netflix
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Featherlight: 510g
  • 4 corner keystone adjustable
  • Built-in battery
  • Pairable with external mouse and keyboard
  • Compatible with Bluetooth speaker
  • Internal speaker
  • Mirroring Casting Apps
  • up to 26 years of LED Light Source (estimated from 1 movie a day)
  • Flexible 20" of 120" (Tested & Proven!)
  • Guarantee 100" Projection in HDB Tiny Bedroom (No Installation or Renovation needed, On & Play)

Compatible HDMI Devices

  • Laptop
  • MacBook
  • TV box
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Game Consoles
  • Smart Phone
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • etc..

*If your device does not has HDMI out, a separate adaptor will be needed

Warranty Coverage

  • 12 Months Hardware Warranty
  • 12 Months LED Lamp Warranty
  • 12 Months Unlimited Light Hours Warranty
  • 12 Months Walk-In Service Warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continuously use AERGLO Muzro Smart for an extended period?

AERGLO Muzro Smart is designed to run long hours with a smooth airflow system. It also is quiet, so you will not hear any fan noise.

How easy is it to set up AERGLO Muzro Smart?

AERGLO Muzro Smart is simple to set up. You don't need a tripod to operate and adjust. Just connect your device to the projector or log in to your Netflix, YouTube, or Disney+ account to access the movies or shows you want to watch.

Do I need an external speaker with AERGLO Muzro Smart?

AERGLO Muzro Smart standalone speaker is loud enough for your viewing pleasure. The project has Dolby Audio quality that is suitable for medium-sized spaces.
Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews

I like this projector a lot. I am able to run a powerpoint directly from a USB thumbdrive for my presentation.


Absolutely delighted with projector.
Easy set up
Picture is great
The built in speakers are fantastic but has added benefit of Bluetooth so no wires needed for external speakers.


An all round great projector. 4 corner keystone adjustment and place the projector where ever you want and still project. 1080p HD projection is great.


Finally I have a projector that has a decent image, a clear image with good quality images. The projector is light in weight and can easily fit in my suitcase. The sound coming from the projector sounds nice but I still use my Bluetooth speaker. The options on the menus are good, and allows you to change the size of your screen to what suits you, this is great.


I've tried several portable projectors and this is the only one I would recommend. Easy to use, well built, great image quality and bright. Connects easily and built in apps also useful. The 4 corner keystone also help a lot.

Smart Portable Short-Throw

The Aerglo Muzro Smart Projector stands out in Design & Performance when placed in a room full of star-studded devices.


Aerglo Muzro is a Smart Device running on the latest ‘Android for Projectors’. Comes with a powerful built-in battery, it’s portable for that special occasion, be it indoors or outdoors.


Very user-friendly with its smooth Glidepad that has the amazing ‘True -to-the-Touch’ feeling. A Touchpad, that’s ‘above the rest.


The Aerglo Muzro also boasts great Dolby Sound built-in speakers that produce loud, clear & crisp audio giving it an edge when comes to the listening experience.


No wonder the Aerglo Muzro is the “Go-To” device each time upon immediately reaching home.

Great sound quality

My speaker alone was built to be so loud and pairable with Bluetooth speakers too. It’s loud and great for the average listener!

AST - Amazing Short Throw

Time to say Goodbye to those traditional projectors that always require a huge amount of space to project that desired screen size.


The Aerglo Muzro Smart & Portable Projector is specially designed for small spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. It’ll let you project up to an 80-inch screen with a distance of less than 2 meters from the screen or a plain white wall.

The All-rounder User-friendly Smart Projector

The Aerglo Muzro is the perfect ‘All-Rounder’ entertainment hub. Its built-in Android OS lets you install your favorite video streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, etc. Together with its amazing built-in Dolby Sound speakers which produce that loud, clear, and crisp audio, your usual Home Cinematic experience by far just got an extra boost to it. Whether on the couch in the Living Room, lying down in the Bedroom, or even better, in the Office impressing your colleagues with your presentations simply by connecting your devices such as laptops, mobile phones, etc. via the HDMI port and Wi-Fi respectively in Full HD.

Very Subtle on The Eyes

Traditional LCD/LED screens like your TVs and monitors to project strong light rays directly into your eyes. This causes strains on your eyes which lead to fatigue and deterioration in your eyesight after a long period of usage.


All these can be eliminated with the use of The Aerglo Muzro Smart Projector, by projecting the image onto a screen or a plain white wall, the diffused reflection imaging is gentle on the eyes and reduces fatigue even after long hours of usage.

Great Gaming Experience

Imagine playing AAA games on a 100-inch screen either by playing games on consoles, on the PC, or on your mobile phones. Simply just connect your Gaming Consoles such as Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch via the HDMI port. The same goes for the PC, replacing the monitor up to 100 inches or more.


That’s not all, playing games on the mobile phone now can be projected up to 100 inches or more as well Gaming will never be the same again.

Full Cinematic Experience

Unlike other 720p resolutions in similar-sized projectors in the market, the Aerglo Muzro Smart Portable Projector supports video formats of up to 1080p HD for the sharpest, most live-like footage you would ever see from a projector, together with its loud, clear, and crisp Dolby Sound speakers, you’ll get the Full-On Experience.

A touchpad above the rest

The Aerglo Muzro Smart Projector comes with a smooth, ‘True-to-the-Touch’ glidepad that’s User-Friendly at its best. So easy that you won’t feel a glitch transitioning from the use of a Mobile phone. Basically, it’s just like using a phone, only better, it can project whatever u want up to 100 inches or more.

Smart Anywhere & On-the-go

Aerglo Muzro Smart Portable Projector was built to perfection with a small and sleek design that enables it to stand out in a room full of ‘star-studded’ gadgets. Built with premium alloy materials and a battery that can last up to 2 hours, it’s the perfect entertainment hub that you can take anywhere with you. You’ll be entertained wherever you go with a projection





Display Type

Throw Rate

Room Brightness and Optimal Projection Size
Dark Room - 200"
Dim Room - 100"
Lighted Room - 60"
Light Source
LED Light Hours
>30,000 hrs

Video Resolution

Luminance Uniformity
TV System
Android AOSP
Motion detection
Image Skew Correction
- Auto Vertical
- Horizontal
- 4 Corners
Screen Mirroring
Android, IOS, Windows
App Store

16GB (Expandable)
Audio & Inputs
Hi-Fi 2.5 W
Bluetooth Output
Yes(Connect with BT speaker)

Dolby Audio

Audio out
Line out (3.5mm)
1 (Play MP4 & Data)
Connect Mouse & Keyboard
Micro SD
Touch Pad
Wi-Fi & Others
Dual Band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz
Built-in Battery
Standby Power Consumption
Power Consumption

Working Temperature
0 to 40℃

Storage Temperature
-20 to 65 ℃


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Our Showroom


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