Trade in TV or Old projectors for a new one

Donā€™t Toss Away Your Old Projector! Or TVĀ & Display Monitor -
Trade it in to get up to 50% Savings on a new Projector from Innovative.Ā 

Save up to 50% on Innovative Portable Mini Projectors new models by trading in your old projector here at Innovative.Ā 

Confused about what to do with your old projector?Ā Itā€™s too costly to buy a new one at full price if all you need is an upgrade.Ā Got a TVĀ orĀ Display Monitor you donā€™t use? Guess what. You can trade it too! We at Innovate never stops Innovating if itā€™s for the benefit of our customers. To add, itā€™s better to get something out of a thing you donā€™t use anymore, right?Ā 

Offer is limited to first 30 legible customers.Ā Trade In Now!Ā WhatsApp us today.

*Terms and Conditions apply