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sim lim square

Sim Lim Square is Singapore first IT mall

Sim Lim Square is a popular electronics mall in Singapore, located in Rochor Canal Road....
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Are you thinking of buying a cheap projector?

A cheap projector , pro and cons

There are several potential drawbacks to using a cheap projector: Poor Image Quality: Cheap projectors...
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Watch Viu on Projector: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to watch viu on projectors?

To use the Viu streaming service on a projector, you will need to follow these...
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Watch Vijay TV on a projector for the ultimate home entertainment experience.

Vijay TV on cinema projector: Ultimate home entertainment!

To play Vijay TV on a projector big screen, you will need to follow these...
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Can monitor be replaced by projector?

It is possible to replace a monitor with a projector in certain situations, but it...
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Projectors vs. Cinema: Which is better?

Can home cinema projectors be better than real cinema ?

It depends on what you mean by "better". Here are some factors to consider: Screen...
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Why small projector is better?

Small projectors can be better than larger projectors in certain situations because of their portability...
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Why projector is better than tv ?

While both projectors and TVs have their advantages, projectors offer several unique benefits that make...
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How to make a projector work well as a monitor?

To make a projector work well as a monitor, there are several things you can...
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How to wireless mirroring iPhone 14 to projector

How to wireless mirroring iPhone 15 to projector?

Stream a video. share your photos. or mirror exactly what's on your iPhone 15 screen...
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Business: The Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Image: INNOVATIVE DSX UST 3D Smart Ultra Short Throw Projector The ultra-short throw projector will...
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10 Best Must-Have Projector Accessories

10 Best Must-Have Projector Accessories

Getting the right projector accessories will definitely enhance the operation of the projector. So, it will...
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