BeamerX II 5Ghz HD1080P Smart Projector
BeamerX II 5Ghz Smart Projector (black)
BeamerX II 5Ghz Smart Projector (white)
BeamerX II 5Ghz Smart Projector (pacific blue)
BeamerX II Smart projector light hours and resolution
BeamerX II Smart projector full screen cinematic
BeamerX II Smart projector throw distance and screen size
BeamerX II Smart projector audio performance
BeamerX II Smart projector with android os
BeamerX II Smart projector come in 4 choices of color

BeamerX II 5Ghz HD1080P Smart Projector

$437.00 USD $768.00
Color: Black
Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue
Product description


  • True Natural Colors Production
  • Native Full HD1080P Pixels
  • Work Well in Lighted room
  • Vertical / Horizontal / 4 Corners Keystone
  • Long Life LED Light Source: 50,000 hours
  • Crisp Clear Hi-Fi Audio with Gentle Bass
  • Ultra Fast Dual Band 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz Wi-Fi
  • Preloaded with Netflix, YouTube & Store
  • Preloaded with Phone Screen Mirroring App
  • Preloaded with Internet Browser
  • Lag Free Bluetooth Audio with EQ control
  • Flexible 55" to 300" Cinematic Projection
  • All Directional Advanced Remote Control
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse compatible
  • Uniquely provide 5V to power Chromecast &
    Xiaomi Android TV Stick
  • Dust Free Projection Engine Design
  • Improved Brightness & Uniformity
  • No Maintenance, Lamp Free Design
  • Fingerprint free material
  • Dual Air Filtration Cooling System

Compatible HDMI Devices

  • Laptop
  • MacBook
  • TV box
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Game Consoles
  • Smart Phone
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • etc..

*If your device does not has HDMI out, a separate adaptor will be needed

Warranty Coverage

  • 12 Months Hardware Warranty
  • 12 Months LED Lamp Warranty
  • 12 Months Unlimited Light Hours Warranty
  • 12 Months Walk-In Service Warranty

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Product reviews

Customer Reviews

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I stay in Kolkata,India. How do I get the projector serviced incase there is a problem.

We have 12 months International Warranty. Feel free to contact us and we will assist.

Satish Sharma
Beamer x ii

Staff Aloysius has good product knowledge. Answered questions promptly.
Excellent projection on 120 inch screen under dim or no light. However, under light may not be suitable for movies etc.
Inbuilt u tube / netflex working as normal.
No issues at this stage. Will recommend this. Its worth the value.

Bernard Koh
Good service

I'm so happy I got the beamer x2 at last .this is the 2nd projector I got it from Alex this morning he is so friendly and patient.thank you Alex .

Benjamin Leyssenaar
Ordered on friendā€™s recommendation

The actual unit seems excellent for the priceā€¦ HOWEVER

I ordered mine at the start of February, the delivery date has been constantly pushed back further and further and here I am heading towards mid may (4 months later) still waiting for my unit. So I get delays but in that time they have actually sold the unit cheaper than what I paid and Iā€™m assuming they will still get a similar delivery time. Yes, good price for the unit, if you are willing to wait MONTHS after the promised delivery date for it to arriveā€¦..

Hi Benjamin, thank you for waiting for us. It is no excuses that this is a long delay and we acknowledge. We have instructed our factory to redo the packaging as internal cushioning does not meet our safety standard for shipping , for big quantity order factory find it very hard to source such raw materials during this special time and then custom fit to our product. We want our product to deliver safely to your door. We can refund to you first and when we ready to ship and you can consider again. Do let us know and we will follow your instruction. Thank you for waiting for us. You are very nice and patience customer.

Update 9/5/22: QC in Singapore and attached is the new cushioning
Update 12/5/22: Courier Delivered at 11.48AM

Yatender Singh Rawat

BeamerX II 5Ghz

You've been buying TVs
wrong your whole life

Unbeatable Natural Colors

Our Engineer with 25 Years of Experience in Electronic and Cinema Projection has specially fine tune BeamerX II to match Real Cinema Natural Colors. In addition, we have added color customization feature that are easily found in our standard TVs. Reason because not all our humans eyes see the same.


Built-in Fast 5Ghz Wi-Fi Module

In today home, we have so many wireless devices and mostly trying to squeeze into 2.4Ghz which includes our Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth in our phone. These cause a big congestion that is why there is sluggish internet in old time. And come 5Ghz, i is a newer and bigger expressway with less jam. So 5Ghz Wi-Fi is a must for now and also future compatibility with newer Mesh Router provided by Telco.


Horizontal Projection Explained

BeamerX II Smart Version has an advanced 4 corners keystone adjustment feature where you no longer have constraint on the placement of the projector. Now you can project at an angle from the sides of your bed or sofa without skewing the projection!


Stream NETFLIX for the Ultimate Cinematic Experience!

BeamerX II Smart Version, comes with Netflix and Youtube pre-installed. Simply log in to your account and enjoy your movie! Gone are the days where you have to connect to external devices with messy cables!


Play Console Games on a Screen That Can Go As Big as 300"!

BeamerX II can project up to a whopping 300-inch screen that can literally fill up your wall. And if 300-inch is too big for you, the screen can be scaled down to any size that you want. The choice is yours!


BeamerX II vs Others. Verdict? Ultra Fast & Responsive!

Most of our customers feedback streaming content on 2.4Ghz is sluggish and very painful experience. So we upgraded to 5Ghz Wi-Fi and also rebuild our AOSP System to ensure the rest of the Apps Compatibility can keep up. Fast is not enough! It must be responsive too! And here you goes, the new BeamerX II Smart Projector is born.


Instant Power On

We use LED as a light source, it light up as fast as 1 sec and very cooling. Unlike traditional lamp projector that required long warm up time and is very hot



While we makan @ Kopitiam, Alamak! See projector price online so expensive and no physical store warranty! Then think think …Why not start our own? Also can create job … Sure, Let’s do it! So there you go! This is how simple and truly BeamerX is liao. Calling all like minded friends, let’s have Kopi and Talk and Go Global!






Display Type

Throw Rate

Room Brightness and Optimal Projection Size

Dark Room - 300"
Dim Room - 120"
Lighted Room - 80"
Light Source
LED Light Hours
>50,000 hrs

Video Resolution

Luminance Uniformity
TV System
Android AOSP
Image Skew Correction
- Auto Vertical
- Horizontal
- 4 Corners
Screen Mirroring
Android, IOS, Windows
App Store

16GB (Expandable)
Audio & Inputs
Hi-Fi 4Ω5W
Bluetooth Output
Yes(Connect with BT speaker)

Dolby Audio


Video In


Audio out
Line out (3.5mm)
1 (Play MP4 & Data)
1 (for Mouse & Keyboard)
MicroSD Slot
Wi-Fi & Others
Dual Band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz
Standby Power Consumption
Power Consumption

Working Temperature
0 to 40ā„ƒ

Storage Temperature
-20 to 65 ā„ƒ


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Our Showroom


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Our Showroom


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Landline: +65-6333-5598


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